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Sales Administrator


Order taking: Orders can come by telephone, email, fax, from reps, from other staff… In a courteous, friendly, tactful and always flexible manner.


Some customers require a little bit of prompting, reminding and, even, organising. So you may have to chase them for orders, remind them about products they list but which they may have forgotten, make them aware of new products, special prices and promotions.


A lot of care needs be taken to make sure that orders are correctly taken. That you understand how much the customer orders, what quantity and even the correct product and that he understands the type of unit and the price per unit. Many times the customer does not have a clear knowledge of the products he wants, the brand names etc. Therefore you have to have a comprehensive knowledge of our products and learn what the customer takes regularly.


Also, the customer has to be made aware of delivery schedules and possible delays or changes in the normal weekly delivery pattern.


Order in-putting: Orders need to be processed accurately and timely and the necessary documentation produced so that the warehouse has the time to pick and load them with plenty of time, thus avoiding mistakes.


Invoicing: Producing the invoices requires accuracy, knowledge of the products, their units and their prices and a lot of attention to detail. Invoices also need to be produced promptly.

Route Planning: You need to learn and be able to plan our van daily routes and weekly schedules. This is very important to avoid driving unnecessary miles, congestion charges and driver hours. You need a fair knowledge of Greater London to quickly visualise the routes needed to deliver the orders. Finally you need to be able to plan ahead so that the normal 5 day weekly orders can be fulfilled in short 3 or 4 day weeks.

Warehouse cover: You will be the warehouseman cover. This is for holidays, sickness and in times when he is unable to cope on his own for whatever reason. This means that you will have to do moderate physical work, learn to use the pallet truck and be prepared to work in the fridge and freezer.


Wine orders cover: You will also be a backup for the sales administrator in the wine section. You will need to learn about our wines and the peculiarities of this trade.


Normal hours: Your normal hours will be 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with 45 minutes lunch break but in exceptional circumstance you may be required to work extra hours.


In exchange we offer:

  • A friendly working environment.

  • A very good basic salary.

  • Pension.

  • 20 days holiday (plus Bank Holidays).

  • Staff discount on products.

If you think you have the skills for this position, please, send your CV to

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