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Our suppliers are very important to us. Some of them have been working with us from the beginning of our history so we really appreciate their support all this time.


We make frequent visits to Spain to meet with our suppliers, to learn about the method they use to produce their goods. We check that the quality is important to the producers and that it will be consistent year after year. We try as much as possible to work with people who own large parts of the production process so that their prices to us are less sensitive to market forces.


We are always searching for new suppliers from Spain.


If you are a supplier, please, contact with us and send your portfolio of products. 


Who we are

C&D Wines was established in 1985 and is the leading importer and distributor of Spanish wine and food to the Trade in the UK. The Company was started by Felix Benito and shortly after he was joined by Vicente Herrando, they are passionate about wines and food and dreamed of bringing the best of Spain to the UK . They wanted to show to the British market how rich their country is and give the greatest producers the opportunity to grow outside their frontiers.  

A few years later, they were joined by Jose Velo-Rego, who brought a new supplier to the company, one of the most important wineries in Spain, Bodegas Muga.

After more than 30 years, they work with over 80 suppliers and more than 300 of the finest Spanish products.

The C&D Team works very hard to bring you a better, more complete and affordable selection of Food and Wines from Spain. We are totally committed to doing everything we can to help your business grow giving you a great selection of fine Spanish products.

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